New Case of Ebola in New York City

A doctor who had been to West Africa working for Doctors without Borders has tested positive for Ebola. Although not yet confirmed by the CDC, initial testing does indicate the Dr. Craig Spencer, who returned from Guinia ten days ago, does have the Ebola virus. 

Spencer, who lives on 147th Street in West Harlem, was under self-quarantine for the 21-day incubation period when he began feeling feverish and having gastrointestinal problems. New York Governor Mario Cuomo said that there are at least four people who have come into contact with Spencer who need to be monitored for Ebola symptoms over the next few weeks including Spencers fiance, and three friends. 

Mayor Cuomo said that he feels New York is as ready as it could be under the circumstances for any new cases of Ebola. The day prior to Dr. Spencer developing symptoms he went on a jog and travled by subway. He also visited a bowling alley, which is currently closed pending health inspection clearance. 

 Dr. Spencer has been admitted to Bellvue Hospital in New York City with a fever of 103 degrees and is currently in isolation. No information is currently avaiable about the treatment method he will undergo to combat the virus.

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