Swine Flu and Children

With Swine Flu cases on the rise, it is inevitable that our children will be affected by the news. Hundreds on New York City school children have recently become ill, although as of this posting they have not been confirmed as having swine flu. The assumption is that students have contracted the virus.

It is helpful if you can talk to your child about the Swine Flu before someone else does. Here is a great article to read that will help you have this important discussion with your child.

How to Calm a Child's Fear of Swine Flu

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Unfortunately, Swine Flu is here to stay. There isn't anywhere you can turn and not see something in regards to Swine Flu. Children also see and hear these news stories and watch the adults in their lives for reassurance. Young children may be particularly anxious at this point. Their anxiety over the Swine Flu can be relieved through open and honest communication from the adults in their lives....http://www.ehow.com/how_4937929_childs-fear-of-swine-flu.html

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