Do Not Help Spread the Swine Flu

I currently work at a school in South Florida, and I am noticing a pattern of complacency when it comes to the Swine flu virus and it's possibilities for transmission. We all know that the Swine flu is spreading like wildfire, but people are still obviously in denial. I have seen teachers leaving the restroom without washing their hands numerous times, even since the news of this outbreak. People are laughing and joking about the virus, seemingly unworried about the possibility of contagion amongst their particular population. There is an individual in our school who is complaining of body aches, fever and fatigue. They have not had testing for Swine flu because they just assume it is not. This is a problem.

It is common among people to have the "It won't happen to me mentality," however, it is happening to many people who felt exactly like this. People, listen up. It can happen to you. We are on the verge of a pandemic. Do not help this virus by going to work when you are sick and spreading the illness to your friends and co-workers. If you work in a school you could be contributing to the illness, or even deaths, of children. Just stay home. Get tested for the Swine flu if you have reason to believe you might have contracted this virus. You could save lives. Don't wait!!

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