Animal Related Viruses

The Swine Flu is called a mosaic virus because it is made up of a combination of a variety of different viruses. The influenza virus is the most common human form, and the Avian flu virus is another part of the Swine Flu. Most of the most virulent viruses have been spread through animals and eventually to the human population. The Black Plague, for instance, started with rats. The Avian flu began with chickens, and the Swine flu has been linked to pigs. Even the Human Immunodeficiency virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency or AIDS has been traced back to monkeys. If you do happen to work around animals, take every precaution to remain safe when handling food products or other things that may cause cross contamination and lead to illness. Wash hands frequently, do not touch your face, and wash all products thoroughly that come into contact with food sources.

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