Ebola Virus Propaganda

Is some of the Ebola news you hear propaganda? This video gives a clear and inciteful synopsis of what the ebolavirus is, where it came from, and what you can expect. 

There is a lot of information out there about ebolavirus, and it can get pretty scary. News agencies are reporting information on a daily basis about those who have traveled from Africa and are suffering from flu-like symptoms. Contracting Ebola is a very scary proposition for anyone, however, some of the information out there might not be accurate, so it is a good idea to listen to opinions and facts from multiple sources. 

The main thing to remember in any situation that involves the possible transmission of a serious illness is to stay calm, but takes steps to avoid contracting the illness. Follow general precautionary flu measures such as hand-washing, keeping hands away from your face and avoiding crowds whenever possible. In addition, stay abreast news reports, especially those from the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, and the World Health Organization, WHO. This will help you protect you and your family from the Ebola virus and other flu that may be out there this season. 

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This video offers a synopsis of ebolavirus and symptoms.