Ebola Updates

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UPDATE: Dallas Sheriff does not have Ebola!

There is a plan to stop the spread of Ebola. Today officials are planning to stop Ebola with a new layer of protection by using low touch thermometers on up to 150 passengers. Screening will begin at Washington Dulles, Atlanta, and O’Hare in Chicago and JFK in Newark New Jersey.

The most recent possible case of Ebola is the Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy who visited the home of Thomas Eric Duncan. He and two other officers, Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins, went unprotected to the scene. Sgt. Michael Monnig visited an urgent care office in Frisco, Texas complaining of stomach pain a week after the visit to Duncan’s home.  To date, no others who were in contact with Duncan have shown any sign of infection, and the police officer who is exhibiting flu-like symptoms has not been confirmed to have the disease.

Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient who was being treated for Ebola in a Texas hospital, died yesterday at while in isolation. Duncan had been given an experimental drug to treat the disease, however, he succumbed at 7:51a.m. Wednesday morning.Some question whether Duncan would still be alive had he been screened at the hospital for the Ebola virus. 

The Centers for Disease Control has specific guidelines that the hospital who cared for Duncan has to follow to avoid spreading the disease. Duncan’s body was wrapped in two zippered, leak-proof plastic bags, and will be cremated to help avoid spreading the Ebola virus. Anyone who had contact with Duncan’s body must also wear protective gear, including gloves, eye protection, cap, gown, shoe covers and a face mask to ensure their safety.