Swine Flu Resurgence in Schools

According to Yahoo News, federal officials may not be jumping the gun this season on school closures. There is expected to be a resurgence in the Fall of the virus that has affected at least one million people, however, cases of the swine flu virus that appear in schools will likely be handled on an individual basis rather than by the initial Centers for Disease Control Guidelines which advised schools that had cases of the swine flu be closed for 2 weeks.

The swine flu has not stopped spreading as might be expected of a regular flu virus during the summer months, but continued to infect people. When school doors open in August, the H1n1 swine flu will likely come back with a vengeance due to the close proximity of students and the lack of hand washing that sometimes occurs among children. Make sure your children understand that they must be vigilant about washing their hands, avoiding close contact and keeping their hands away from their face to avoid spreading the swine flu virus.

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