Origin of the Recent Swine Flu Outbreak (First Cases)

A little boy, five year old Edgar Hernandez, is believed to be the first known sufferer of the most recent H1N1 (Swine flu) virus that killed over 160 people in Mexico, and has sickened at least 3000 people all over the World. He got sick toward the end of March 2009 and when tested was found to have the H1N1 virus that is commonly known as the Swine flu. Fortunately, Edgar was treated early and recovered well. Edgar had no known contact with pigs where he might have contracted the disease, and how he contracted the virus is still unknown.

The first death was a 39 year old woman in Mexico who developed symptoms from the virus after having had no contact with pigs or farm animals. Adela Maria Gutierrez did work as a door to door census taker however, and had extensive contact with the public. Her death is thought to have been caused by viral infection which led to pneumonia, and the associated complications brought on by her diabetes.

BBC News

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