Updates on Swine Flu

There are new cases of Swine Flu in New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina. At least 28 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in New York with another 1620 possible cases. At least 149 people are suspected to have been killed by the Swine Flu in Mexico. Heat sensors are being used in airports in China and Japan to attempt to detect fever in people entering the country in order to inhibit the outbreak. At least 2000 people came to the hospital in Mexico at the initial outbreak of the Swine Flu, and so far 150 have died.

Laboratories are working all over the country in an attempt to find a vaccine to stop the Swine Flu. One of the main problems is that this flu is not affecting the expected population of the youngest and the oldest, but it is attacking the hardiest of individuals in the 20-45 year old range.

At least 8 states have now confirmed cases of Swine Flu. St Francis Prep in Queens, NY had gone to Cancun and brought back the virus with them where it then spread to the school population and infected 28 students. In Newberry, SC, a school has been put on high alert because students who had been on a trip to Mexico came back carrying the deadly virus. The most disturbing aspect of the most recent news is that some cases in Kansas and Texas seem isolated in that they have not traveled outside the United States.

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