H1N1 Virus Spreads Across the United States

H1N1 (Swine flu virus) in 3D from Sky News
The Swine flu epidemic is growing, and the World Health Organization has raised the level of preparedness to Stage 5. The U.S. Government says that they have been preparing all along by dispersing antiviral medications to most states. There is enough at this point to treat about one quarter of the population. They have not declared the Swine Flu a worldwide pandemic, although it appears to be going in that direction.

At least 100 people in the United States have now been diagnosed with the Swine flu. In Mexico at least 160 have died and 2500 or more have been hospitalized. Mexico has virtually shut down, with businesses closed all around the country to prevent the spread of the flu virus. Swine flu is a mosaic virus, which means it combines several viruses including bird flu, human influenza and swine flu.

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