The death toll from the Swine Flu in Mexico as of April 27th stands at 103 and rising. At least 1600 people have fallen ill with the virus. The thing that is perplexing to officials at this point is why a more severe form of the virus seems to have befallen the residents of Mexico, while less severe strains have spread outside into the bordering states.

Mexico is on virtual lock down. Restaurants, schools, bars and other public facilities have been closed until further notice from Mexican officials. The residents of Mexico are wearing surgical masks in the hopes of preventing further infection.

Presently it has been shown that the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are effective in helping inhibit viral growth if delivered within the first 48 hours or less of infection. If you get symptoms associated with the Swine Flu, call your doctor or emergency facility to find out the availability of these products.

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