Are We Prepared for a Pandemic?

The Department of Health and Human Services along with individual state employees have been preparing since the 1970's for another outbreak of a serious flu epidemic. The question is, have we prepared enough? So far, people in the United States have been suffering mild cases of the flu, however, this may not always be the case. The virus is constantly changing and mutating and becoming stronger and more resistant.

Because the virus is a combination of many strains, it is much more difficult to fight. We do not currently have enough antiviral medication to accommodate a large outbreak of the virus. In addition, necessary public health officials are not currently in place in the current administration that will be able to handle a Swine flu pandemic should it occur. This virus has been circulating through Mexico for at least 2 months, and has just now begun to cause serious mortality rates. Is the United States next and are we prepared?

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