Swine Flu is Contagious Longer Than Previously Thought

Recent research has shown that the H1N1 virus may be contagious longer than it was first though. Although the swine flu virus produces generally mild symptoms in most people, there have been an increased number of fatalities among teenagers, and the virus is passes very easily. A study, done in Canada, found that H1N1 viral contagions may reside in nasal passages as long as 8 days after initial infection. Two other studies had similar findings. Although there are currently no recommendations based on these new findings, common sense tells you that if you or someone you care for contracts the swine flu virus, you should keep them isolated over a week to ensure you do not transmit the virus to others. Current guidelines recommend avoiding outside contact at least 24 hours after the fever that accompanies swine flu infection has broken. New recommendations are likely following these findings.