Swine Flu Pandemic Level

The Swine flu pandemic level has now been raised to a level 6. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued this warning due to the rapid spread of the virus. The H1N1 virus has hit at least 70 countries and is spreading through communities rapidly. Although it is not fatal in the wide majority of cases, there have been numerous fatalities caused by this flu, and more are expected to occur with the start of flu season looming. Here are the statistics on flu cases and deaths by state according to the CDC.
Flu InfectionWeb page updated July 24, 2009,11:00 AM ETData reported to CDC by July 23, 2009, 1:00 PM ET.
States and Territories*
Confirmed and Probable Cases
Alabama-477 cases-0 deaths
Alaska-272 cases-0 deaths
Arizona-947 cases-15 deaths
Arkansas-131 cases-0 deaths
California-3161 cases-52 deaths
Colorado-171 cases-0 deaths
Connecticut-1713 cases-8 deaths
Delaware-381 cases-0 deaths
Florida-2915 cases-23 deaths
Georgia-222 cases-1 death
Hawaii-1424 cases-3 deaths
Idaho-166 cases-0 deaths
Illinois-3404 cases-17 deaths
Indiana-291 cases-1 death
Iowa-165 cases-0 deaths
Kansas-204 cases-0 deaths
Kentucky-143 cases-0 deaths
Louisiana-232 cases-0 deaths
Maine-145 cases-0 deaths
Maryland-766 cases-4 deaths
Massachusetts-1370 cases-5 deaths
Michigan-515 cases-9 deaths
Minnesota-670 cases-3 deaths
Mississippi-252 cases-0 deaths
Missouri-76 cases-1 death
Montana-94 cases-0 deaths
Nebraska-313 cases-1 death
Nevada-467 cases-0 deaths
New Hampshire-247 cases-0 deaths
New Jersey-1414 cases-15 deaths
New Mexico-232 cases-0 deaths
New York-2738 cases-63 deaths
North Carolina-483 cases-5 deaths
North Dakota-63 cases-0 deaths
Ohio-188 cases-1 death
Oklahoma-189 cases-1 death
Oregon-524 cases-5 deaths
Pennsylvania-1960 cases-8 deaths
Rhode Island-192 cases-2 deaths
South Carolina-244 cases-0 deaths
South Dakota-45 cases-0 deaths
Tennessee-283 cases-1 death
Texas-5151 cases-27 deaths
Utah-988 cases-16 deaths
Vermont-59 cases-0 deaths
Virginia-327 cases-2 deaths
Washington-658 cases-7 deaths-
Washington, D.C.-45 cases-0 deaths
West Virginia-243 cases-0 deaths
Wisconsin-6222 cases-6 deaths
Wyoming-111 cases-0 deaths
American Samoa-8 cases-0 deaths
Guam-1 case-0 deaths
Puerto Rico-20 cases-0 deaths
Virgin Islands-49 cases-0 deaths
TOTAL (55)*
43,771 cases
302 deaths

Swine Flu Update

Swine flu has not gone away, but is still wreaking havoc in the United States and around the World. 40% of the population if predicted to develop symptoms of the H1N1 virus when flu season begins if a vaccine is not developed in time. Schools are usually a breeding ground for the flu virus and will be hit hard by this virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Swine flu has been confirmed in at least 43, 771 cases as of July 24, 2009 and with 302 cases in fifty-five states and territories combined. July 24, 2009: H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) Situation Update.